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Questions and Answers for Application for Certificate of Continuing Registration

Questions and Answers for Application for Certificate of Continuing Registration

1. What is a Certificate of Continuing Registration?

A Certificate of Continuing Registration ("CCR") is a certificate issued by the Hong Kong Companies Registry ("the Registry") to certify that the company named in the certificate is a local company or a non-Hong Kong company incorporated or registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance and the company remains on the register of companies maintained by the Registry as at the date of issue of the CCR.

A CCR is not a replacement of the Certificate of Incorporation/Registration issued to a company under the Companies Ordinance. The current name and the date of incorporation/registration of the company will be shown on the CCR.

2. What is the use of a CCR?

A CCR is an official document evidencing the continuing registration of a company with the Companies Registry. A CCR is widely accepted by local and overseas authorities or institutions as a proof of continuing registration of a company.

3. Who can apply?

Any members of the public may apply for a CCR in respect of any local or non-Hong Kong companies which remain on the register of companies.

4. How much do I have to pay?

Our fees for handling the application for a CCR is USD120. Our fees quoted here do not cover delivery or courier charges.

5. How to apply?

You can place your order for a CCR by sending us an email to enquiries@fqjnkj.icu with the full name and registration number of the company.

6. How long does it take?

a ccr will normally be available for collection in one working day.

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